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About Morgan Reece

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020

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Hi, I’m Morgan Reece. I’m a Christian, wife, homeschool mom, blogger, author, musician, and self-taught graphic designer. Oh, and a freedom fighter. You might call me a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Or an ADD/post-menopausal dreamer. Or just call me a friend.

I’ve worn many different hats in my adult life. Here are some of them:

Legal secretary
Dean of Women at a Bible college
Conference Speaker
Letter of Protest specialist
Depression Survivor

My projects and passions may seem unrelated at the outset. But looking back I can see a path designed to equip me for the work I am doing now. And even though “holistically-minded-inspirational-and-strategic-freedom-fighting-cheerleader” isn’t an official job title, it’s maybe the closest description.

Who I Help

We might be a good fit if you want to

  • Be Happier: discover biblical, commonsense Mom Tips to gain confidence, simplify your home and enjoy life in the messy middle;
  • Get Healthier: explore my collection of healthy recipes, nutritional advice and alternative therapies for healing gut issues and supporting mental health holistically;
  • Build a Strategic Online Business: create and protect inspirational digital products with zero up-front cost and confidently build a secure WordPress website just like the “big boys” so you can develop passive income and impact a needy world.

These are the areas I’ve had the most success in. I love sharing the resources and strategies that have helped me.

My Entrepreneur Journey

My entrepreneur journey has included:

  • Blogging at A Smarter Mom, a site that was thoroughly hacked and led to my self-education about¬†hacking dangers, a passion for website security (strong passwords, vetting plugins, and quality hosting), and the systematizing of my website creation process;
  • Self-publishing a tribute to my mom,¬†7 Gifts: Seeds of Success Mom Planted;
  • Selling online, first dabbling in eBay where I averaged $1.00/hour, later doing retail arbitrage on Amazon FBA (mostly seasonal gifts sets created with a mix of retail arbitrage, wholesale buys and premium packaging; over $16,000 in sales, none in profit) – a self-education in the importance of Profit First (#ad);
  • Merch by Amazon (Amazon’s print-on-demand platform and my first profitable online endeavor);
  • 2018, a year spent vigorously studying and fighting frivolous trademarks. Happiest moment: stopping a major motion picture studio from securing the rights to a widely-used expression. My first Letter of Protest was accepted, and the mark was refused. The studio’s lawyer submitted a lengthy appeal. USPTO rescinded and approved the mark for publication. Hundreds of online sellers stood to lose legitimate, profitable novelty products to a trademark bully. I submitted a post-publication Letter of Protest. It provided 75 pages of objective evidence the expression was widely used and not likely to be perceived as a source indicator (brand) by the purchasing public. The Commissioner of Trademarks agreed and deemed the approval of the registration a mistake. Hallelujah. Creative freedom.
  • 2019, a year devoted to rewriting 7 Gifts… soon to be released.

The Entrepreneur Journey has changed me in profound ways that have nothing to do with making money, and yet everything to do with making money. It’s taught me what The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) looks like in business, and inspired an abundance mindset that I only thought I had before. Better yet, it has brought me many unexpected victories over chronic depression.

These changes happened through the influence of famous and not-so-famous people, including many who took time to help and inspire others even though their businesses were far from on autopilot. I’m grateful.

Learning how some of these generous souls were impacted by frivolous trademarks inspired my side project fighting frivolous trademarks. It’s a growing cancer affecting the print-on-demand industry.

To understand why my trademark work matters, start here.

Smarter Joy is my personal blog. I write about intentional parenting, holistic solutions for depression, and simplifying tech and legal for creative home businesses (authors, designers, artists, musicians). I’ve developed simple frameworks for each of these areas and look forward to sharing them with my readers.

My Back Story

In 2015 I found myself in a puddle of tears, crying out for answers to the overwhelm and regret that consumed me. Instead of some heavenly vision, God led me to write my first book. 7 Gifts: Life Lessons from My Smarter Mom is more than a parenting book. It’s an essential guide to seven essential elements of successful relationships, parent or not. I’m updating Mom’s book to give you the tools you need in an easy-to-use format and expect to publish the revised edition before the end of the year.

In what may seem a random detour from blogging, in 2018 I spent about a year fighting frivolous trademarks in the print-on-demand industry. The Letters of Protest I filed on behalf of other creatives taught me a lot, not only about the trademark system but about common mistakes that small business owners are making in the naming and protecting of their businesses.

Along the way, I successfully stopped the registration of overreaching trademark applications by some major brands with deep pockets. I’m kind of a big deal. (Joke).

No, seriously, entrepreneurs are kind of a big deal to me. That’s why I posted most of what I’ve learned about Letters of Protest to The Trademark Canary. (Sadly, I have to sleep sometime, so I’ve tabled the completion of that project until Mom’s book is released.)

And yet, there are so many things that are even more important than business and money. To see my overall vision for this site, go here.